7 best sites to create online avatar for free

To create a personalized avatar you don’t need to download anything. There are free and online alternatives to make dolls with your face in different styles. The services guarantee characters in the style of manga, cartoon, caricature or from a photo.

AppGeek gathered the best options for websites to create avatars online and for free. Check out!

1. Mangatar

The Mangatar is a full – body avatar creation service in the manga style. After choosing the body, the user must select the head shape, skin color, style and eye color, among other details. There are several options for each item.

Your character can be placed on a thematic background and even accompanied by your favorite animal. The image is saved in PNG, in different formats and sizes, including 4K. A link is also generated, which can be shared with anyone.

2. Face Your Manga

Face Your Manga is yet another free tool to create a manga online. With an intuitive and easy to use look, just choose the character’s gender and then start selecting details.

There are several details. Only with regard to the face, it is possible to choose the shape, type of ear, style and color of the eyes, nose, mouth, expression lines, spots, among others.

In addition to the usual definitions of body parts, it is possible to choose clothes, accessories, piercings and tattoos. The background can have a theme, be smooth or include some pattern. The result is sent by email.

3. South Park Avatar Creator

Sites to caricature online and for free without downloading anything

The South Park Avatar Creator , as the name suggests, allows you to create a doll with the drawing style of the series that literally has your face. The tool follows the crackling humor that fans of the story are well aware of.

Among the differentials are the garments, which carry humorous phrases. Accessories are also out of the ordinary, including cotton candy, drinks, cleaning products, weapons and more.

Those who follow the series should have fun choosing a background for the image, in which several scenarios of South Park are available. And, if you want, you can still select funny text, in the best meme style, to complete your avatar.

The result can be saved on your device as a PNG image or shared as a link on your social networks.

4. Charat

With Charat it is possible to create your chibi with a wealth of details. There are so many options that it feels like being virtually playing with dolls. In addition to the classic physical characteristics, the user has at his disposal a vast wardrobe with cute pieces and accessories to compose the character.

To give you an idea, shirt sleeves, socks and headwear have two categories each. The fantasy part is due to wings and backgrounds. The avatar can be saved as PNG on your machine or shared via link.

The only thing though is that the site is available in Japanese. But Chrome users see the English translation suggestion as soon as they access the page.

5. Avatar Maker

The Avatar Maker is one of those platforms to create your drawing version as realistic as possible. There are several options for face, mouth, nose shape and even the type of iris can be selected.

In terms of clothing and accessories, it offers fewer resources than other sites of its kind. So if your goal is to create an ornate character, this may not be the ideal solution for you.

The result can be saved as a vector (svg) and in two PNG sizes (200×200 and 400×400).

6. Pho.to

The Pho.to image editor has a tool that turns your photos into drawings with a few clicks. Just upload a picture of the device, a link or Facebook and you’re done. Automatically, your portrait turns into a cartoon.

The user has no editing power, that is, the image is already delivered ready. The website, however, offers a very fun, photo animation feature. Thus, it is possible to change the expression of the photographed person, making him smile, wink, flirt and even be shy.

Avatars can be saved on your phone or PC as GIF (with animation) or PNG or have the link shared on other platforms.

7. Kartunix

The Kartunix offers different types of design to create your avatar. There are anime, manga, kawai, emo, realistic, among others.

The first step is to be able to decide which one to use. Then, as in other services of the genre, it is necessary to define the details, such as the shape of the face, eyes, mouth and nose, hair style, clothes and accessories, etc.

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