6 unfollow apps to monitor followers on Instagram and Twitter

Unfollow apps can help manage a profile on social networks like Instagram and Twitter. With their assistance, it is possible to identify whether your account or that of your company is experiencing the expected acceptance, interaction and progression.

We have listed 6 of these apps, available for Android and iOS, to monitor your followers and earn many others. Check out!


1. Followers Insight for Instagram

One of the methods to get new followers on Instagram, in an organic and legal way, is to follow other users. After all, this is a way to present your IG (Instagram) to them.

Followers Insight for Instagram serves exactly to identify who follows them back and unfollow those who did not. The app goes further and offers other account management features.

You can check items like likes and comments per post and the most popular media. The user also gets information about the best hours and days to post, among other tools that help to understand the pattern of engagement of followers.

The Followers Insight for Instagram is available for Android and iOS .

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2. Followers Assistant

Users who do not follow you, who follow you but not you, who recently stopped following you or who do not interact with your profile (so-called ghost followers). These are some of the information that Followers Assistant makes available.

The Quick Stop Follow tool allows the user to unfollow up to 200 people at once with just one click. Through the View Comments feature , it is possible to view and respond on the same page all comments made in your latest publications.

The Followers Assistant is available for Android .

3. Ig Analyzer: Follower Analysis

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Another good option to follow followers, unfollows and other details of the performance of your Instagram account. With this app, you can check who has stopped following your account, people who still don’t follow you, ghost followers and more.

The tool also allows the account administrator to track statistical data on their publications, such as likes, comments. You can still see if someone deleted a like or comment on a particular post.

The interaction of your followers with the profile are also analyzed by the app. For example, the most loyal, the most commentary and the inactive are displayed.

The Ig Analyzer: Follower Analysis is available for iOS . It can be used free of charge for the 7-day trial period.

4. Followers Track for Instagram

Followers Track for Instagram is ideal for those who want to manage their followers and have control over organic account growth.

The app provides all the necessary information about your followers. It is possible to follow who are the new ones, those who always kept their profile added, those who did not follow him back and even those who blocked his IG.

The tool also provides data on excluded likes and other information so that you can better understand your most active followers.

The Followers Track for Instagram is available for iOS .


5. Unfollower Stats

This iOS app specifically tracks the movement of your Twitter account followers. The tool allows you to check who doesn’t follow you or the users who unfollow your profile on the social network.

You can also check users who have blocked your account or silenced notifications for your posts. If you wish, the account administrator can also activate notifications to know whenever you stop being followed by someone.

The Unfollower Stats is available for iOS and offers a version web .

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6. Unfollow Today

Unfollow Today provides all the necessary tools for the Twitter account administrator to manage the movements of his followers. The app allows you to manage multiple social network accounts.

Among the main resources offered are the verification of people who follow but do not follow him back, inactive accounts, among other information. You can delete up to 50 profiles at once in a 4-hour period and always be notified when you receive an unfollow .

The tool also offers statistical data for better account management.

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